Precious Hand Knotted Persian Carpets

- Aug 25, 2018-

The hand-made silk carpet which has been handed down as a rare and precious material

              The reason why hand-made silk carpets are so famous and precious is that they are unique in workmanship, exquisite in workmanship and exquisite in design.It takes more than the skilled craftsmanship of the weavers to stitch thin silk into a thick carpet, but also their patience and persistence.The high summary of silk carpet is that it is made of fine workmanship, precious and precious.

              Depending on the complexity of the design, the workmanship and the material of the design, a skilled craftsman can usually tie some 6,000-7,000 knots a day.It takes 1.5 years to weave a 2-by-3-foot, 500-track silk rug (250,000 knots per square foot).It takes two years to weave a 1 x 1.5-foot, 800-lane silk rug (640,000 knots per square foot).It takes three years to weave a 1.2-by-1.5-foot, 1,000-track silk carpets(one million knots per square foot).The silk thread that braids acme real silk carpets is as thin as a hair, knot when, need to use magnifier to be able to finish even, braid carpet to the eye of weaver is damaged very big, very few somebody can be braided continuously the 2nd piece of same high quality, high channel number real silk persian carpet. As a result, Iranian silk carpets with high road count have the reputation of "soft gold".

              Carpet is a special commodity, the older the value higher.A 400-year-old Persian rug sells for millions of dollars at a carpet shop in the united Arab emirates.The characteristic of handwork carpet is unique sex, that is to say, you pay to buy a handwork carpet, its pattern, design, make work is completely unique, its design may be a paragraph of magical history, its weave law may contain distinctive innovation.In a word, the thing is with rare it is expensive, the thing that leaves the factory is unique when, can become more and more precious with the passage of time and won't depreciate.So, many families pass down the carpet as their "heirloom" from generation to generation.Interestingly, this measure of carpet value also leaves room for counterfeiters.Some carpet dealers deliberately put brand - new carpets in the dusty streets, every day.It is said to pass such "ageing" processing carpet, the price is higher than new carpet instead not little.

               Now people have paid more and more attention to the cultural connotation behind the handicraft and its collection value.Silk carpet is a kind of such handicraft, it or make your bedroom reveal Chinese exalted, or make your bedroom diffuses a kind of exotic atmosphere, reappear bright Persian civilization.Anyone who visits your residence will be deeply impressed and deeply touched by the cultural atmosphere of your residence

               Real silk carpet is the nobility that decorates the world not only, perceptual ground says is a kind of reflect the artwork of individual grade more.Each pair of elegant and luxurious carpet is condensed with the idea of carpet craftsmen.

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