Simple Ways To Choose A Quality Silk

- Mar 18, 2019-

Having a beautiful silk carpet is the dream of every person who pursues high art.

But to choose a quality silk carpet, we must also pay attention to methods.

Folding: Make the carpet velvet face outward, you can see that the end of each thread of the handmade carpet has a summary. Handmade carpets are not completely symmetrical, and it is acceptable if there are slight irregularities every 2 to 7 cm.

 Observation: Observing the back of the carpet, the hand-carved carpet can clearly see the pattern, while the woven carpet has no obvious features. The beading of the hand-made carpet is a natural extension of the warp, and the edging of the woven carpet is additionally stitched by the machine.

 Feel: The hand feels the reverse of the suede, the smoothness of the smooth surface, the reverse will have some feeling of being blocked. Moreover, the reflective effects of the smooth surface and the reverse surface are different, and the smooth surface looks lighter and the reverse color is darker. The suede of the hand-made carpet should be reversed, roughly at an angle of 45 degrees to the warp plane. When the furniture is placed on the carpet, the suede will not be directly overwhelmed. The woven rug with a suede facing at 90 degrees will directly crush the suede after placing the furniture, causing damage to the carpet.

If it is a silk carpet, he will also have a precious and ordinary point, that is to see the number and pattern.

Handmade silk carpets are in feet, 1 foot is about 30. 48cm, such as 120, which means 120 in each foot warp and weft.

 The more the number of roads, the more knots, the finer the pattern, the more compact it is, the better the elasticity, and the better the lodging resistance. The density of the silk hand-made silk carpet can reach 1000 lines.

 The more precise the pattern, the higher the end of the carpet, and the more energy it takes to weave.

 Silk carpets are the most noble of the handmade carpets.

 Because of its silk texture, the gloss is very high, it will form different visual effects under different light, and it is especially suitable for summer use. The cool foot feeling can dissolve the compelling summer heat. On the contrary, it is more suitable for winter use, bringing different warmth and warmth to the home, so that you can have a comfortable winter.