The 2019 World Intercontinental Conference Will Be Held In Nanyang From April 27 To May 2, 2019.

- Apr 28, 2019-

The 2019 World Intercontinental Conference will be held in Nanyang from April 27 to May 2, 2019.

2019 World Intercontinental Conference

On December 28th, the Nanyang Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference to inform the preparations for the 2019 World Intercontinental Conference. The 2019 World Intercontinental Conference will be held in Nanyang from April 27 to May 2, 2019. The conference will be based on the theme of “Holiday as the medium, culture as the soul, exchange and cooperation, and green development”. It will focus on the new achievements, new achievements and the application of the seasonal gardens and the construction of standardized production bases in the Chinese quarter, and deepen the international season. Exchanges and cooperation in cultivation, landscaping, breeding, culture, etc., promote the culture of the rose, display the new image of Nanyang, develop new areas of tourism, build cultural soft power, build a world famous city, and strive to hold a special feature, beautiful, A wonderful and full moon festival.


The World Intercontinental Intercontinental Conference is a global high-level professional event held by the World Federation of the Month and sponsored by 41 member countries. It is held every three years. The 2019 World Intercontinental Conference is hosted by the World Federation of Chinese Roses and the China Flower Association. It is hosted by the Chinese Flower Association's Rose Branch, Henan Flower Association and Nanyang Municipal People's Government.


At present, the infrastructure construction work before the meeting is in the process of preparation. In the construction of the “one main and two deputy” rose gardens, the planning and design plan for the Nanyang Rose Garden has passed the expert review and the review by the Municipal Planning Commission, and construction began on October 12. The design of the four functional buildings of Nanyang Rose Garden has been completed. The work of the Huizhou Garden Smart Scenic Area and the strong and weak power design has been started. The land acquisition, house expropriation and ground attachment cleaning work have all been completed. Cultural exploration, geological exploration and three-bar The removal work is accelerating, and the surface cleaning and earthwork excavation work on the construction site are in full swing. The Municipal Urban Management Bureau compiled the upgrade plan for the Nanyang Rose Park and carried out project establishment work. The renovation and upgrading plan for the Nanyang Rose Expo Park has been completed, and more than 5 million yuan has been invested to upgrade and renovate the river bank, hardening and widening roads and other infrastructure. In addition, projects such as the seasonal landscape construction project in the downtown area, the construction of the characteristic town in the month, and the Baili Rose Promenade are all steadily advancing.


In the next stage, Nanyang City will also focus on improving the construction of the Yueyuan Park, the Rose Industrial Belt, the Crescent Town, the Central City and the County Landscape. Accelerate the introduction and research and development of new varieties of the Chinese rose, and cultivate a batch of new varieties with new intellectual property rights of Nanyang as soon as possible. Adopting the methods of “publicity promotion, tracking and coordination, landing construction, and counterpart reception”, invite a group of cities, units or individuals from inside and outside the province to participate in the exhibition to ensure that the 2019 World Intercontinental Conference will be achieved in terms of the number, scale, quality, concept and characteristics of the participating cities. New breakthrough.


Beside the Bird's Nest on the White River, build a Nanyang French sports health city.




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