The Development Of Nanyang Yuxiang Arts&Crafts Co.,Ltd.

- May 17, 2019-

"The years are not living, the season is like a stream", warm congratulations to Nanyang Yuxiang Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. E-Commerce Department moved to the joy. Looking back over the past two years, we have lived a very fulfilling life and we are very determined. In August 2016, the E-commerce Department of Nanyang Yuxiang Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. was established. Looking back, we are full of emotions. A beautiful and passionate piece of beauty is reflected in the minds of each of us.


    (The new site of Yuxiang Carpet E-commerce Department)

      For more than two years, under the leadership of the company, we have worked hard under the guidance of all employees. Under the trust, support and care of all new and old customers and friends, the e-commerce department has developed steadily and rapidly, forged ahead, and constantly explored. The work has achieved certain results, and the comprehensive strength has been significantly improved. The e-commerce foreign trade market has been successfully opened. Xiang's brand influence is expanding internationally and is well-known.


      (The former site of Yuxiang Carpet E-commerce Department)

      Looking back at the growth process of the development of the Ministry of E-commerce, we are filled with emotions, laughter and tears with hope. In the past two years, it may be only a brief moment in the long river of history. However, for the Yuxiang E-Commerce Department, which is growing and growing, it has experienced a process from childish to mature, weak to powerful. For more than two years, both for our employees and for the department, it is a rainbow-like life, with unlimited passion and brilliant dreams. We have experienced too many laughter, pain, hardships, decisions, and a lot of learning and growth.


(Yuxiang Carpet E-commerce Department Spring Tour)

      The road to growth is always like this. There are paying, gaining, ridiculous, supportive, touching, retreating, advancing, giving up, persisting, tears, laughter, incomprehension, encouragement, failure. There are many successes! But because of the hard work of the company and all the family members, we are still moving forward and making progress. How many spring and autumn, countless staying up late, with a fiery ambition, with a firm belief, we use hard work and sweat, with hard work and patience, wrote countless fiery years, depicting a beautiful picture of tomorrow!


(Yuxiang carpet E-commerce staff style)

       In 2019, the new e-commerce department moved to the ground, which means that Yuxiang carpets will further increase their commitment to invest in domestic and foreign markets on the strategic map! Heralds a new take-off! We hope that through years of experience in handmade silk carpets, we will actively promote the healthy development of the domestic handmade carpet market, and at the same time help the revitalization of local old industries.

(Yuxiang carpet E-commerce staff is excited about the new environment, sweating)

      New starting point, new hope, depicting new weather, new opportunities and new challenges, writing a new chapter. In the new environment, all members of the E-commerce Department will work hard, work hard, develop and innovate, perform their duties, and fulfill their mission. We will make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of handmade carpets with first-class work performance.

      "Xiongguan Man Road is really like iron, but now stepping from the beginning" In the future, Yuxiang Carpet E-commerce Department will continue to adhere to the "customer interests are greater than everything" purpose, continue to build "professional team, high-quality sales team, diligent service team" , be the handmade carpet expert around you!