The Main Characteristics Of Persian Carpets

- Jun 16, 2018-

Persian carpets are one of the finest items in carpets. Their exquisite weaving skills and artistic value are well known.


Persian hand-knotted carpets made of 100% pure natural materials are all made of natural wool, silk and cotton, and they do not contain any harmful chemicals. Experts pointed out that any polypropylene, polyolefins, synthetic compounds, nylon, glue, plastics, synthetic filaments and hairs are harmful to the human body and carpets made of these materials should be avoided.


Persian rugs have the charm that no other ordinary rug can match. That is, no two Persian rugs are exactly the same. This makes it highly collectible and investable. Some people regard it as a property equivalent to cash and can be circulated like gold, jewelry and jade.


The Iranians regard the ground as the fifth wall of the room. Persian carpets are artworks on the floor and can be used in various styles of home furnishings.