Where To Purchase High Quality Handmade Silk Carpet For Collection And Sale?

- Apr 25, 2019-

The world silk carpet production is based on Iran and Turkey. The products are extremely delicate and the knots are up to 300-500 knots per foot. The ancient name of Persia in Iran is famous for its Persian silk carpets. The famous producing areas include Isfahan, Kaxiang, and Xianna. There are more than 30 types of patterns, and there are many varieties of flowers and colors. Most of the silk carpet patterns in Iran and Turkey are composed of fascinating fine geometric patterns and deformed flowers, which fully demonstrates the delicate craftsmanship of silk carpets.

The production process of silk carpet is almost the same as that of wool-stuffed carpet, only the preparation of raw materials and post-treatment are different. The silk must first be subjected to the practice of silk, that is, the raw silk is immersed in the alkali solution to remove the gelatinous appearance of the silk fiber and become the cooked silk. Generally, 27 cooked silks are twisted into a strand of silk, which is dyed with an acid dye to become a raw material for tufting. The mid-range products of the silk carpet use fine cotton yarn as the warp and weft, while the high-grade products must use the thread as the warp and weft. Silk carpets from all over the world use the twisting and velvet process to facilitate folding and storage. The post-treatment of the silk carpet uses machine flattening and carpet washing. Neutral detergents should be used for the carpet washing, and it is not necessary to use a strong oxidizing agent for mercerizing. Chinese antique silk carpets must be cut and arranged to decorate the decorative patterns; while high-grade silk blankets generally do not need to be cut.

The silk carpets are becoming more and more refined, with rich and beautiful artistic effects, and become advanced decorative crafts and collectible treasures. The practical function of the silk carpet is not as good as the wool-stuffed carpet, but due to the small amount of production and the high price, the value-preserving function is greater than that of the wool-strawed carpet. China also tends to produce high-grade silk carpets with Persian carpet patterns.

Now Chinese Made Silk carpets are exported to many countries, such as Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, USA, Middle east, Saudi Arabia, UAE  and so on.

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