Why Handmade Carpet Price Is Higher Than Ordinary Other Carpets?

- Dec 02, 2020-

Why Handmade Carpet Price is higher than ordinary other carpets?

lots of people said i want handmade silk carpet, why some are very cheap, some are expensive? what is the difference?

the most difference is the workmanship. hand knotted process is a great part of the handmade carpet cost.

why we use handmade not other machine made workmanship?

handmade has the unique feature that other workmanship don't have. 

First , the hand knotted workmanship can make the carpet more durable,it is more beautiful and can be collected. lots of hand knotted piles consist of the whole carpet surface. each pile does not affect each other. each pile is independent. machine made carpet piles have close contact with the following piles. so if one pile is broken, other piles will be affected very much. 

handmade silk carpet_

Second, the hand knotted workmanship can make the carpet more exquisite. we can see each floral have over 5-8 colors thread. the florals and scenery just like real. it has great appreciation.

Third, hand knotted process takes more time than ordinary carpet.  one hand weaver usually can hand knotted 3 sqft per month. so if big design carpets, it needs more people work together. 

we have 3 big sizes custom carpets, our handmade workers hand knotted 24 months to finish. 


Fourth, now hand knotted workers are less and less. young people not do this work. this work not only need professional hand knotted skills, but also needs great patience. each carpet takes the weavers hand knotted at least 3 month.