Why More And More People Choose Hand Knotted Persian Silk Rugs?

- Aug 14, 2018-

Nanyang Yuxiang Arts&Crafts Co.,Ltd.

1. The design of  Persian silk rugs must be carefully designed. Style, composition, color scheme, styling.....Every detail contains the inspiration and wisdom of the designers, as well as their understanding of art and the world.

2.Manual work is my favorite.As the saying goes, "ten fingers linked heart", handicrafts, with a mechanism far beyond the breath of life.As the weaver weaves the carpet, her feelings and patience from the fingertips into the warp and woof, as if, there is a mysterious message.People say, "the real thing is the aura."

3. I like silk. It collects the lifelong energy of the silkworm baby. Silk is in different Angle irregular luster, also let me be drunk.

4. I love Persian carpets. In ancient times, carpet was called "lichen" and tapestry was called "mural", which sounded very anthropomorphic. Then, in the dry and tasteless room, the blanket was spread and hung, which immediately became the focus of the vision, highlighting the temperament of elegance and implication.Home, should be so sweet.

5. The way of making the buckles of hand-made silk carpets is very firm. I am not afraid of damage.

6. Handmade carpets are also valuable for collection. Cherish use, can be handed down.Imagine that the younger generation steps on the carpet of family succession, making fun of their own unique wonderful words and stories.What a beautiful picture!

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